Providing clear honest accurate information be prepared for the truth if you question your direction your choice of readings will help guide you through your way


 A palm reading is a A reading based on you and your personality I am able to provide you with information regarding yourself who you are as a person and how to learn to trust your instincts


A crystal energy reading is a reading that is done with a tool such as crystals  that will provide information About your past present and futureHow does Energy Healing work? Energy Healing, sometimes referred to as Spiritual Healing, is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - body, mind and spirit. The belief is that the healer channels energy into your body and it goes to wherever it is needed most. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical. Healing balances the body's natural energy systems promoting a sense of relaxation, releasing tensions, and stimulating self-healing. Many people who visit a healer because they are in physical pain find the effects to be profound. The experience of deep relaxation and connection with the universe often triggers a feeling of inner peace. Improved sleep, reduced pain, increased energy and a sense of calm are all regularly reported results after receiving energy healing. The treatment is non-invasive with the healer working hands away from the patient's body for the majority of the session. The patient is usually seated and always fully clothed. For severe physical discomfort many patients feel additional benefit from a gentle 'hands-on' approach. This will only occur after discussion with the healer and permission has been given..


Psychic energy reading is done with my natural clairvoyant ability I am able to tune in to your energy and providing you clear honest accurate information about your career path health and finances


 It is a very relaxing  surface cleansing Spiritual cleansing’Mind body Soul that will that will help release negative toxins negative energy  Helping you feel rejuvenated and refreshed I recommend getting this treatment weekly it helps provide good energy throughout the whole week

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Tarot cards  is a tool that will help provide information about your past present future business love relationship family health career and finances it is a full life reading When receiving a Tarot card reading be prepared for the truth no sugarcoating allow yourself to be open minded when receiving this reading

Reunites lovers

 Reuniting lovers is a treatment that takes anywhere from a week to 24 days depending on how long you’ve been apart from that one particular person I am able to provide you information whether you are meant to be with that person or not if there is some sort of blockage wall or just simply another person involved with this reading I am able to help you  be with this person All you would need for this reading  is a picture and date of birth of the person of interest


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